Frequently Asked Questions

What is SoundBytez?

SoundBytez.IO is a music and audio sharing site that allows you to publish your own content on a distributed, decentralised and entirely open platform.

What is SoundBytez built on?

We originally wrote SoundBytes as a simple extension onto the existing platform, but now that we have the chance, we are working to make it a unique experience built off their codebase.

This means we have at our foundation the LBRY blockchain, which means we can have content hosted all across the world readily accessible. We download the content and send it straight to you for you to enjoy without any additional applications needed.

How to Use SoundBytez

Unlike, which is built around hosting videos, images and arbitrary files, we are a dedicated music site, aiming to provide the best experience possible for our users. Where we cannot display other content, we will redirect you to, to provide you the most straightforward experience.

If you just want to listen to content you have been linked, you can just open the link in your browser and you will be taken straight to our dedicated audio player for that content. And if you have the Jelly-Beats desktop player, you can find a dedicated button on our player to send the content over, so you can listen as you prefer.

To upload your own content (Or content you have the right to distribute, we want to be a creator-friendly platform, not just the next Napster), all you need to do is head over to our homepage, then just drag and drop any audio file, give it a title, a creator/artist name and select where you want it uploaded, to one of your own personal channels, to keep all your work in one place, or publish anonymously. All that you have to do after is to hit Publish and your work will be sent straight up into the blockchain. In a few minutes, anyone will be able to access that content with a simple link! And anyone with the LBRY or Jelly-Beats desktop applications will be able to download it as well, letting your content reach as many people as possible!

What is not allowed on SoundBytez?

The only constraint we ever want to enforce is that you respect the creator's rights. If they don't allow theallow their content to be uploaded, please don't, we want to bring creators onto LBRY and that requires respecting how they want their work distributed. We don't hate piracy, instead we want creators open to sharing their content in new ways where we don't need to pirate anymore and allow them to get the recognition they deserve for their hard work.

Who Owns SoundBytez?

Kenneth C. (kcSeb) and Joshua H. (ProfessorDey) are the co-owners of SoundBytez, as well as Core Team Members of LBRY-C, which helps promote other LBRY based projects.

You can find them on Keybase: Kenneth C. Joshua H.

You can also find them on Linkedin: Kenneth C. Joshua H.

Where can I keep up with SoundBytez?

The best way to keep up with us is to join our discord, where we will be getting feedback about the site and keeping people up to date of the latest changes and improvements to the site. You can also ask for help there if you are having issues. We are always happy to help!